Not all artists are Chess players, but all Chess players are artists.

--Marcel Duchamp

Chess Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a membership fee?

No. Part of our mission is to attract new players and increase the exposure of chess in our community, and we believe that a membership fee would interfere with that goal. We're all about play, not pay!

Do I need to join to play?

Nope. We want as many people to play as possible, so we keep things very casual and don't worry about things like membership status. We encourage anyone to drop by one of our meetings whenever they can and play as much as they want.

Do I need to be a good player?

We have players of all levels from beginner on up. We're more concerned with enjoyment than with results, but of course the more you play the better you'll get!

What about total beginners?

We've taught many people how to play. Even if you can't tell chess from checkers, we can get you playing. We were all beginners at one time!

Do you give lessons?

Absolutely! We love to share what we've learned. In addition to actual lessons, we also have puzzles, worksheets, quizzes and checklists to help improve certain elements of your game or identify areas to focus on.

Do I need to bring my own board and pieces?

We generally have enough boards and pieces for everyone, so no need to bring your own. If you have a chess clock you may want to bring it, as we have a more limited number of those.

Why doesn't my child's school have a chess club?

Typically because either (a) they don't think there's enough interest, or (b) they don't have anyone on staff who feels qualified to run one. We've actually tried very hard to address point (b) by volunteering our time, resources, and expertise to any school who requests them. But that still leaves the question of interest. We believe that the interest is there and, to coin a phrase, "if you build it they will come." But it's not easy to prove that in advance. So please let your school know! The more parents that get involved, the more likely it is that something will actually happen. Please have a look at our Scholastic Chess page for details on why we think chess in schools is so valuable.